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What causes mold growth in rooms?

Mold can have many causes. The two main focuses are basements and living spaces.

In the basement, condensation moisture in particular is a problem in summer. Ventilation usually exacerbates the situation …

Incorrect ventilation or insufficient ventilation can be the cause in apartments. However, mold formation in apartments is usually the result of two components:
poor ventilation AND thermal bridges (insufficient component insulation).

Mold cause number 1: Too much humidity in the room

Only if excessive moisture is permanently reduced – the mold problem will be eliminated in the long term.

Can I get success with chlorine spray or anti-mold paint?

You have to be aware that you are only doing a “cosmetic correction”.
The cause is not eliminated! You run the risk that the mold preparations used are very often more dangerous to health than the mold itself … Chlorine is emitted into the air and is inhaled … Such contaminated air is particularly harmful to children and allergy sufferers. Such emissions are perceived by dogs / cats for days and weeks … Therefore:

Only removing the cause is the basis for sustainable mold remediation.

  1. Evaluate and equalize the cause of moisture .
  2. Eliminate mold at the “root”! A superficial spraying, or even just an “air disinfection” with spraying of microscopic droplets – is not sustainable renovation!

What are the costs of a comprehensive mold remediation?

The mold remediation costs are divided into the following areas:

  • Evaluation and determination of the appropriate
  • Mold control
  • Reduce humidity if necessary
  • Elimination of mold
  • Accompanying measures such as surface decontamination
  • Airborne germ measurement (if necessary)
  • Wall coating for mold in solid reveals / corners / outer wall (if necessary)

We would be happy to make an offer if you describe your mold problem to us.

Depending on the complexity and extent, a comprehensive mold remediation is possible from EUR 350.00!

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